1 month before IVF : 7 Chaos

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 10-02-2013

Jun 25, 2011
It’s been a few days, and I don’t know where I left off, but the chaos has been building. The incompetence of the medical field here has been amazing. First, I got a cervical swab at the ob/gyn for several tests. Naturally, they rushed SO much through the ‘exam’ (probably could have clocked it at 3 minutes, swipe included), that they didn’t collect the specimen properly and I had to go back and do it again. Naturally when I got the call I had already started my cycle, so it had to wait until this last week.  In the meantime, because my cycle day 2 was on a Friday and my ob/gyn phlebotomist isn’t in on Fridays, I called my general dr to see if they would do it, based on a list that I brought in. God knows that’s hairy business. So I had to wait for a call back from the doctor’s nurse. She called later in the day and said it would be fine. I went in on cycle day 2 – or maybe it was 4 since I started spotting 2 days before it really came – and got my blood drawn. I counted 7 tubes in the pile on the counter by the time it was finished…and then got the call on Tuesday of this past week that one of the tests wasnt done because it had to go to a separate lab frozen, and there was only 1 frozen vial…no choice to get it redone since it was a cycle day 2-4 test. I got the results for the rest of the tests in the mail yesterday – and surprise, but the other frozen test wasn’t done either. I guess they couldn’t decide which to do so they didn’t do any.  Hurah.

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