Chances of conception after 35

Posted by Rose in Conception, My Personal Journey on 18-11-2010

Chances of conception after 35

If you’re part of the over 35 club, you  might ask as I did, “What are my chances of getting pregnant after 35?”

I always thought it was going to be easy as pie to get pregnant – especially since my mother had so many children, well into her 40s! What I didn’t realize was that most women, at any age, actually have a very low chance of conceiving every month that they have intercourse around the time of ovulation.  Naturally, the older you are, the less of a chance you have because the quality of your eggs starts to deteriorate.


There’s a 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle if you’re under 35. If you’re over 35, your chances are lower, and if you’re working with any other disadvantage (like being overweight or having a condition like PCOS or a blocked fallopian tube), then you’re chances are even lower.  These are not very encouraging numbers! On a positive note, women over 35 do get pregnant, and are getting pregnant more and more than in years past.  We’re generally wiser (ha) than our younger selves, more settled emotionally and financially, making us more prepared to have a baby. Here are some waysto help you increase those chances.

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