Cycle Day 3: F is for Fertility with Femara!

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 25-11-2010

Cycle Day 3: F is for Fertility with Femara!

Well, I finally got a call from the specialists office yesterday around 3:30 – just before I gave up hope that they’d ever return my call.  My baseline ultrasound looked good, so I was on schedule for the fertility treatments for this cycle.

We already picked up the Femara, so I just needed the specialist to call in the Follistim prescription. They have some special deal with Walgreens pharmacy, so she said she’d call it in, and they’d call me to collect payment and ship it to me by Friday, day 5, when I’d need to start doing the injections.

Follistim side note

In my last entry I quoted Follistim based on the amount the nurse at the REs office gave me, a bit over $400 for 300IU, enough for one cycle  (50 IU/day for 6 days).  When Walgreens called me, the rep asked about my insurance, and I told her I had none.  She must have entered me into some Walgreens program for people who don’t have insurance, because I got an email today from Walgreens DesignRx. It begins “Welcome to Walgreens! We are pleased to let you know that we were able to provide you with significant savings on your recent medication purchase.” I suppose it did.  The 300IU cartridge for the Follistim pen was $240, and the Novarel (HCG or trigger shot) was $39.90.

Cycle Day 3 – Begin Femara

So, today was day 3, and I started the Femara. I’m taking 2.5mg twice daily for 5 days.  I also had my day 3 FSH test today, so we’ll see what the egg status is in there. The phlebotomist said the results would probably not be back until Monday, with the holiday.

Part of my reason for writing this blog, is to document stuff like physical changes and symptoms, etc., through this fertility stuff.  So far, I don’t have much to report after just one dose of Femara, other than a headache which could very well be because I didn’t sleep real well last night, or because it’s been one of those emotional days where I had to give in to feeling like crying.

99-44/100% pureI guess I am a little scared.  I’ve always been a ‘purist’, or I guess an ‘Ivory girl’, if you remember the commercial (like I do, because I have a twisted knack for remembering insignificant things like commercial jingles) that’s 99-44/100% pure…

I’m always reluctant to take pills for anything, even headaches or sinus congestion – I just prefer letting my body deal with it the way it was built to.  I suppose I am torturing myself with that now, feeling like if I was supposed to conceive, if I was built to conceive, if I was ‘meant’ to conceive, I just would.  My husband lovingly reminds me that’s the Catholic in me, wanting to punish myself. I suppose he’s right!

Stay tuned!

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