Fertility Cycle 1 Result: not pregnant

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 14-01-2011

Fertility Cycle 1 Result: not pregnant

So I survived the 2 week wait, and on exactly my 28th day I got the dreaded visit from my ‘friend’ (a term my mom always used – I suspect after 8 kids you would start to think of her as a friend and not a foe as I do). I cried for hours, the whole day was dead. Disappointment everywhere in the house, just a huge cloud hovering all day, all week… My husband comforted me through his depression and disappointment, quite the rock in my life. I fell into a big hole of depression, couldnt get out of bed,didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror, didn’t want to do much of anything. Work started slowing down – and I pretty much felt like a big fat waste of life.

Now that I’m in the ‘rest’ cycle, I know I’ve read many times, including in the literature provided by my RE, that a lot of women get pregnant on their rest cycle when they’re doing fertility treatments. The drugs are still apparently flowing in your system, so I guess your ovaries are still pumping harder to make more mature follicles than usual. Considering this is a left month for me, which is my ‘good side’ because my right tube is blocked, I was still optimistic once I crawled out from under the huge rock I was hiding under. I guess if you ovulate normally, without an HCG shot, the increase in mature follicle production is great thing. And I always ovulated on my own, especially on a left month – perfectly, around the 13th day – or at least by the 15th day. Until now.

Current ‘state’: ‘Rest’ cycle after 1 month of fertility meds (femara, follistim)

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