Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) Fertility Specialist

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 22-11-2010

Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) Fertility Specialist

At first I didn’t even know what an “RE” was. I have really come to hate the acronyms used for those of us trying to conceive (TTC). It’s almost like you need a pocket dictionary of acronyms just to read some first-hand accounts from women on forums and the like.

An RE is a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  A specialist that specializes in the chemical part of reproducing.  I suppose most notably, they are the ones that administer fertility drugs and IVF.

Three weeks ago, we had an appointment with Dr. G.  Since we live in the boonies, it was a 2.5 hour drive to get there.  One of those images that stay etched in your mind was created while in the waiting room.  I was looking out the tinted glass door from inside – tinted, naturally, so people can’t see you sitting there waiting to see a specialist because you don’t function like a woman is supposed to.  I read the name of the Fertility Office backwards through the glass, and had this confirming feeling of my inadequacy as a woman. Wow – heavy stuff, and pretty unfair to myself.  I guess it was just a very sad moment for me – like the first real concrete thing that shouted “There’s something wrong with me!”

Dr G. had a great ‘bedside’ manner, he was very friendly and an older doctor – one of those that takes the time to get to know you, and is thinking about your answer to his question rather than pushing you through so he can get to the patient in the next room. It felt like one of the ‘olden days’ kinds of doctors visits, when there were medicine cabinets in the exam room, which was separate from the doctors office where you’d go after you were examined…but I guess I’m dating myself by revealing that I remember those days. I digress…

He asked us some questions, including a presumption that I had already been on Clomid from the gynecologist. We answered that I had not been – and I felt my husbands agitation that Dr. “God Willing” was, in fact, apathetic about helping us. What I liked most about Dr. G. is that he asked US how aggressive we wanted to be with our treatment.  Of course, we answered ‘very’, and he said he thought we would try using fertility drugs, Femara and Follistim. He said that we can do 3 cycles of this, and if it’s not successful, we can either opt to have surgery so he can see what’s happening inside, or we can go with IVF.  I’m praying that I’m pregnant by February!

Since I was already on day 6 of my cycle, we had to wait this one out.  This month was a ‘left’ month, so we were hoping we’d get pregnant without having to take any fertility drugs.

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