How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

What can I do to help my chances of getting pregnant? That was one of the first questions I researched when we first started trying to have a baby. Here’s a short checklist of some changes you can make right now to help improve your chances of conceiving a baby.

  • If you’re overweight or underweight, try to get your weight in control – but do it in a healthy way! It’s not going to help you get pregnant if you go on an fad (unhealthy!) diet.  Eat sensibly and exercise to keep your weight at healthy level. Don’t forget to get enough rest, too.
  • Caffeine is a bit evil.  If you love coffee (like I do) or if you drink soda, limit your intake to 2 cups or less daily.  If you’re not addicted (like I am) try to cut out caffeine completely. (Sorry ladies, that means chocolate, too.)
  • Buy him some boxers. Tighty whities might look sexy, or be the undies of choice with your man, but they’re not sperm-friendly.  Testes should be cool and unrestricted for healthy sperm.
  • Healthy sperm is happy sperm. Keep the boys cool in the shower, and save the heat for the bedroom! Hubby needs to keep the heat during bath time moderate, for the same reason as above, so no hot showers/baths or hot tubs.
  • Stop drinking and/or smoking for crying out loud. You know it’s not good for you, so you know it can’t be good for your baby-to-be, either.
  • Have you started charting your BBT? Science is amazing and seeing a spike in your bbt will give you a clue that ovulation has probably just occurred. Print out a bbt chart to help you keep track.

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