Fertility Tests & Drug Costs

I’m uninsured, and money has been a concern for us when talking about and seeking out fertility help.  As hard as I looked online, I wasn’t able to find most of these prices online.  While you should realize that these may or may not be close to what costs are in your area, they are a baseline figure for you to work with.  I would have been happy to get a ballpark price for most of these things before I started this process, just to feel better about being able to handle the expenses.

I don’t live in a large city (quite the opposite really), so none of these prices will be at the top of the range.  Most will be mid-low range pricing.  I live in the midwest, so the cost of living tends to be lower than most cities. I’ll keep updating this list as I come across more expenses. I hope this helps someone!

How much does a HSG (Hysterosalpingiogram) cost?

I had my HSG done by my gynecologist, with a radiologist in a private hospital.  The cost for an uninsured patient was quoted to me as $1,681.68.  I was given a discount for paying up front, so my total was $1,352.40. The radiologists’ bill was $45, and my gynecologists bill was $330.

How much does a Baseline Ultrasound or Follicle check cost?

I am really in awe over my gynecologists office pricing.  They know I don’t have insurance, and they do their best to give me good (discounted) pricing.  I pay them $75 for a vaginal ultrasound, which is the same kind of ultrasound for both a ‘baseline’ ultrasound as well as the follicle checks.  My specialists office charges $300 for a baseline ultrasound, and $250 for a follicle check. The way I see it, we’ll have saved $400 by having had both done at my gynecologists office!

How much does Femara cost?

Femara, thankfully has made available a voucher that your RE can print out for you from the internet.  At least, mine did. You might ask your doctor.  The Femara would have cost about $60 for 3 cycles (based on a regimen of 2.5mg twice daily for 3 cycles).  With the voucher, my Femara was free.

How much does Follistim cost?

For a 300IU cartridge (dosage: 50 IU/day for 6 days) from Walgreens , through their DesignRx program, the cartridge for the Follistim pen was $240, and the Novarel (HCG or trigger shot) was $39.90.

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  1. gina dahl says:

    Im 46 had my tubes tied at 25 and me and my husband want a baby im healthy where do i start…

    • Rose says:

      Gina I would say the very best place to start is talking to your gynecologist who will likely recommend some fertility testing. Best of luck to you!

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