IVF round 1 : 4. Mixing Merional

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 17-02-2013

Jul 23, 2011
Today we did things a little smarter -maybe not too much – but we did use the big fat needle for the mixing, and the smaller one for injecting. It was still hard to inject… and we still had some trouble mixing. It makes suds, so you’re not dealing with 1 big air bubble you can push out like in the movies. You have lots of little bubbles…and you are standing in the bathroom sweating because it’s hot and you’re both nervous to do this right, and you’re poke poke poking at the needle to make the bubbles become one – but they just refuse. So you push a little and freak because some of the medicine comes out…but the bubbles start to go…so you push more and argh. You get the idea. It was stressful.Maybe tomorrow it’ll come even easier.

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