IVF round 1 : 7. Follicle check 3

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 20-02-2013

Aug 4, 2011
Thursday was take 3, only no blood test this day. The left ovary’s big follicle was around 19mm. The smaller ones were about 13. This day, she found the right ovary by pushing straight back. I recognized the angle by the discomfort. Surprisingly it had 1 large follicle and 3-4 smaller ones- just like the left ovary. We went from 3 follicles to 2 follicles, but the potential was good for the others to grow and catch up in the coming days. The aspiration date was set for Sunday.

How to administer the injections, exactly. (A fine time to ask)

We met with the older nurse – hyper but positive, and without circles – who we asked about administering the cetrotide. We weren’t sure we did it right, and were drawing back on the needle before injecting like the box instructions said. The first nurse told us to inject at 90degrees, and didnt mention drawing back…but the instructions should know better than her so we followed them. The problem was that both times we DID see blood when drawing back – the first time I think I even heard what sounded like a little balloon farting out air which, thankfully, Gordon didn’t hear. That, coupled with the blood that almost jetted out when I retrieved the needle was a little upsetting even to me, and he was already anxious about the needles. The nurse explained that we should draw back, but if I could lay down and administer the shot, I wouldnt have to. Further, these shots should be given at a 45 degree angle into the pinched belly fat area. We tried her method that night, and sure enough, no bleeding afterwards.

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