IVF round 2 : 5. After the Embryo transfer

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 02-03-2013

Sep 25, 2011
The doctor came and said that I would need to come back in 15 days, and that if I bleed it’s not necessarily my period.  I asked what happened to the other egg cells, since we know we had 4 embryos, 6 were unaccounted for.  She said 4 hadn’t matured enough, and 2 didn’t divide. I think those are pretty good numbers. Had they waited until Sunday for aspiration, we might have had 6 mature follicles/embryos – but then again, this made it easy for us in a way. We didn’t have a choice about the 4th embryo, so we didn’t have to think about freezing.  Of course after the fact I started thinking maybe we should have insisted they put in all 4, since it wasn’t of high quality anyway it must not have had a good chance for survival, but at least it would have had the chance.

We paid the 90k dinars we were able to get out of the ATM over the last few weeks, and need to go back to pay the other 120. I still don’t get why they won’t take our card – they did before. Anyway, we’ll be going back to the atm until we get enough, and hopefully we have enough by the 15 day mark. I think we should.

When we left, the guy that’s been driving us to and from Belgrade, Darko, drove, I think, below the speed limit all the way home. It was like a weird dream. I laid back on some pillows and tried not to sit straight up.

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