IVF round 2 : 6. After the Embryo transfer – bed rest

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 03-03-2013

Oct 2, 2011
Bed rest was not very restful, really. I laid in bed and after a while my back starts to hurt, so I can’t lay anymore. I was allowed to get up to eat, to go to the bathroom, and to shower, so I did at least sit up leaning back for short periods of time. I washed down below on the day we got home, because I felt the need to. I didn’t shower until I hit day 4 (ugh), but wanted to do everything perfectly.I’ve cut back on coffee and have had, at most, 2 cups a day. I’ve been taking the vitamin religiously, and the ‘magic balls’ of progesterone (as the doc called them) 2 ‘globules’, 3 times a day. Gordon has noticed a big change in my internal topography, and says that it’s really soft, and the ‘flappy thingie’ is very soft and wide. I don’t know  if it’s a side-effect of the progesterone, implantation, or both. I tried googling it, but you know, it can take me away for hours, and my dinner sammich was awaiting me, so I stopped.

I’m in the ‘sitting’ phase now, and what do I feel? Pretty much nothing. The first day I felt some poking – kind of like the ovulation type poking, only it was around my uterus area. The next day and since then I’ve felt bloated, kinda gasey, but no kicking or anything. Nothing that screams out, ‘hey it worked! we’re in here!’.  We’re still living every day like we are pregnant, and I’m getting lots of belly love and kisses. We decided that whether we immerse ourselves in the joy of it, or move forward with ‘cautious optimism’, we’ll be just as crushed if it doesn’t work, anyway, so why not enjoy the possibility of that BFP while we can.

Next weekend is my nephew’s Christening, for which we’ll be travelling about an hour and change to get to. We’ll spend the weekend, likely, and come back in time to go for the blood test.  I’ve read that the progesterone may keep me from starting my period if this didn’t work. I also know that if I do start bleeding, it’s not necessarily my period, so either way, we really won’t know anything for sure until the blood test.  Although if I start bleeding heavy, the prognosis will be pretty grim regardless.

It’s 12:08 and officially the 2nd of October now, almost halfway to the 15 day mark. I hope I can hang on to my sanity.

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