No children, no legacy, no point in writing?

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 09-03-2012

no children, no legacy, no reason to write....I know, I know. I wrote earlier in the year that I would update this soon. You know how time goes by, and by the time you reach my stage of the game, you’re done thinking about it. I started a blogging series when I started getting ready to go through an IVF cycle, and for whatever reason didn’t feel like I was able to post it for the world to see. My first entry, a month before the big IVF cycle.


Is a story without a reader worth writing? I’ve been going over that question in my mind for awhile now – I think I’ve pretty much decided that a story, even without a reader, is worth writing. Writing, at least for me, is cathartic (however you spell it), and helps me put things in perspective – as well as reflect. There are so many things going on in our very-ordinary life in the middle of nowhere USA, so here’s my story.

Coming from a big family, however emotionally and/or physically distant we might have been throughout the years, there were always people. Some kind of crowd. Holidays, birthdays, weekends, phone calls. I guess I never imagined a life much different from what my mom had – a zillion kids and always someone somewhere calling or checking in. Well, sort of, anyway.

I guess when I think about writing this journey, I’ve always thought about sharing that story someday with the child I’d have *someday*. The less that became a reality for me, the less I felt I had a reason to write – who would care? Who would read my words? When I started the IVF journey, I decided that when it was all said and done I just might have someone to read my words, someone to share my legacy with…but I knew, too, there was a very real possibility there wouldn’t be anyone reading.

I have always written for my own sanity – the little bit I retain. So, I guess here it goes. Better late than never. Hopefully, words worth reading by someone, somewhere.

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