Too many of us

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 14-01-2012

I have been quiet and away for way too long. I owe myself, and I owe you all some updating here. I would love to forget this whole chapter of my life – but it’s more like a volume (or two) than a chapter, so forgetting it isn’t really an option.  Some ranting and raving is in order…crying, cynicism…healing, maybe.

Looking at my traffic reports, it dumbfounds me, how many of you are out there – looking for the same answers about infertility I was when I first started this trip. So many women read my article asking if Nuvaring causes infertility, and my other article about my HSG experience. Ugh. To think how many of you have gone through the same things I have.

As heartbreaking as infertility is, it seems just that much more hurtful knowing how many of us there are. Does it feel better knowing I’m not alone? Sometimes. Sometimes I just feel really, really sad for all of us as one collective ‘infertility patient’.

I’ll be back with an update, promise. I have been writing – just not here. I have lots to talk about with you, and hopefully I can help you find some more answers, or at least offer some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

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