1 month before IVF : 9 almost there

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 13-02-2013

Jul 14, 2011
I meant to keep this up close to every day, but you know how that goes.My birthday was awesome – I can’t believe I didn’t get to write about it (actually, I do – everything has been so insanely hectic). Gordon really went above and beyond to make my birthday special. It’s not the ‘stuff’ but moreso the effort he put into it, shopping for just the right things, giving them to me in just the right way at the right time, even baking me my very own carvel cake 😉

Work has been really extremely busy – but that’s nothing new really. We’re talking about expansion, so that we can pay some grunts – erm – employees, so we can do more and maybe work less. Maybe. It seems like the only way for us to grow at this point is to expand.

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