Follistim Finale – Day 6

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 01-12-2010

Follistim Finale – Day 6

Today was the last Follistim injection (day 6 – read about my Follistim day 1).  Tomorrow is the appointment at the specialists office for a follicle check and FSH blood test.  We’ll leave home at 6am for a 9am appointment, leaving a little time to stop for bathroom breaks (me, bathrooms and anxious mornings go together like peas and carrots) .

When I called for the appointment, she said there was one at 9 and one at 9:15 – so I guess this is a pretty quick process.  We’re going to bring the (why do I want to call it Valeria?) Novarel (HCG injection, or ‘trigger shot’) in hopes they’ll administer it after my exam – we really have no idea what to expect from this appointment.

Unlike the Follistim injection, Novarel is an intramuscular shot (Follistim is subcutaneous, which just means it goes under the skin) At my first appointment, the nurse said it was given in the butt – when I called the other day, the other nurse said I may have to do it myself! I keep thinking, geez, are they really supposed to let you do it yourself? I found a link to the Nuvarel site, and apparently it’s not uncommon practice.  I hope my husband or Kay can do it.  My butt is big, but not big enough to wrap around front so I can do it myself!

Well, I suppose that’s all for today. Positive thoughts…positive thoughts…positive thoughts….

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