IVF round 2 : 3. Egg aspiration

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 28-02-2013

Sep 23, 2011
My aspiration was late in the afternoon Friday, I think 6pm. I wasn’t able to eat for 6 hours before then, because of the anesthesia, which was surprisingly easy to do. We arrived early, as usual, Gordon was escorted to the back for his ‘specimen’ and me and his mom waited in the waiting room until he got back. They took us both in to sign papers about the aspiration and bla bla, and we went back and waited. They took me up to the familiar room, which I shared with another woman who was also 39 (but looked a bit older, I think). There were 3 of us waiting for aspirations, and Gordon later told me that the waiting room and outside area were so packed that every seat was taken – and people were standing. It’s insane.The aspiration went well, I guess, I fell asleep and woke up, so I guess that was pretty good 🙂  Before the ‘professor’ started, he said he might have to go through my abdomen, so I might wake up with some stitches. I said it was fine, that he should do whatever he had to to get them. I woke up without any stitches, though, but I did wake up pretty sore.

The doctor came in to tell me we had 10 egg cells! I was thrilled. She said there would definitely be a transfer. I was psyched. I knew how much better the chances were with that kind of outcome. she said they’d call in 3-5 days, depending on what medium they used (?) to schedule the transfer.

Gordon propped me up in bed with the laptop and I’m good as long as I’m not sitting straight up or laying on my right side.

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