IVF round 2 : 7. The 2 week wait

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 04-03-2013

Oct 21, 2011
The first time I went through the 2 week wait was child’s play. I had gone through a round of fertility treatments, and tried a ‘spontaneous¬†cycle’. We were so young at this at that time, and had no idea the ride that was just beginning.
I spent a glorious 2 weeks – much of it in bed or working semi-horizontally at best. My husband, my angel and rock was as caring and protective as ever. We tried cautiously to enjoy the feeling that maybe this worked, that maybe I was carrying his child/children, and that maybe this wasn’t all for nothing. I listened so closely, felt every ding, ping and quiver, trying to translate them…trying to understand what was happening on the inside. It was impossible to know.
I was taking progesterone vaginally, 3 times a day. My uterus was very soft and low. There were definitely physical changes. My boobs were huge. Shortly after a week of waiting, my head started hurting. I refused to take anything for it. After a couple of days of a bad headache, we called the clinic. They said that it could be caused by the progesterone, which sometimes causes low blood pressure. They prescribed chips! I had a bowl of chips right away (I’m generally not a salt-eater), and sure enough, by the time I finished them, the headache had passed. Every day the same thing would happen. I’d get a headache, eat something salty and it would go away. ¬†We did check my pressure at one point, and it was low for me, at 105/70 or so. I usually have between 120/80 to 130/90. So, it was likely the progesterone.

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