Hello, Ovulation?

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 14-01-2011

Hello, Ovulation?

We have been tracking my bbt since July of last year, religiously.  By the 15th day this month, when I didn’t see the temperature spike, I started to raise my eyebrow a little.  By day 17, I was starting to chew my lip. By day 20, 22, 24, and finally today on day 26 I have pretty much thrown up my hands and have decided I probably haven’t ovulated.

Now, I could rationalize that maybe I matured and ovulated all my almost ready follicles last month, even though the left ones weren’t big enough by the time I got the hcg shot, so there aren’t any to ovulate this month.  I haven’t researched this possibility, mostly because I don’t really buy it and don’t want to confirm it’s not possible (yet, I’m sure I’ll come back to this later, because I have to know stuff).

In the beginning of this cycle, I was feeling ‘ovulation pains’ – mildly, since about day 10.  I thought maybe it was because they were still at a heightened stimulation level, so I was feeling the effects.  It was sort of like the pains I felt after the HCG shot last month, only milder and this time, on the left side – which made sense.

Now that I haven’t seen any proof of ovulation, though, I’ve decided that it has all been psychosomatic symptoms.  I am just crazy.

That, or something is wrong. Read about ovarian twisting

Current ‘state’: ‘Rest’ cycle after 1 month of fertility meds (femara, follistim)

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