Fertility Rest Out Cycle

Posted by Rose in Infertility, My Personal Journey on 15-01-2011

Fertility Rest Out Cycle

If you’ve been reading you know that I survived the 2 week wait after my first dance with fertility meds femara and follistim last month, did not get pregnant, and then didn’t ovulate on my rest out cycle this month, at least not that I can confirm through my BBT, and that I had some concerns about ovarian twisting. So where does that leave us now?

There’s still the possibility that I did ovulate.  I did have EWCM, but without the shift in BBT, I don’t know that my progesterone level increased, which is what happens when you’ve ovulated.  I’ve been sleeping with my mouth open, stuffy nose and all, so it’s been difficult getting an accurate temp. Of course that could be my denial kicking in – always trying to find some possibility that a bad result is wrong.

I guess at this point I’m waiting to see when this cycle will end.  I’m not really optimistic about the next couple of months, but I’m functioning. I guess I’m numb. Next cycle is a right cycle again, so that’s pretty much lost, and the month after that my husband and I are leaving the country to visit his family, so we probably aren’t going to see an RE and start another cycle until my next ‘left side’ month in May.  In June I’ll be 39. I am trying so hard not to feel defeated.

I decided to get back to exercising and bought an elliptical. So far I am 4 days in and am not going to stop until I get down to a more manageable weight. I am way overweight and that does play a big factor in infertility and also complicates pregnancy, especially in women over 35. I’ll be losing weight at a safe rate, though, which is kind of hard knowing I’m already fighting against the clock, but I won’t be doing my body any good by losing weight too fast and jacking up the rest of my systems.

Current ‘state’: ‘Rest’ cycle after 1 month of fertility meds (femara, follistim)

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